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Classic vanilla ice cream is made with vanilla extract. A good vanilla ice cream recipe should always be handy, for it is pure satisfaction and a lovely companion for all kinds of desserts. 

Scoop it over your favourite apple pie, or eat it right out from the ice cream maker when it has finished churning. You will make it a million times and still crave it.

1. THE EASY! If all you want is ice cream, then look no further; this is the recipe you need. It is easy to make, crowd-pleasing, and utterly delicious. Rich in heavy cream, for a low-fat version go to #2.

2. THE HOT WEATHER ICE CREAM! Too hot out there? Thicken the ice cream with corn starch; this makes it more resistant to melting. Also the lightest in heavy cream.

3. THE FRENCH-STYLE ICE CREAM. Creamy and velvety, this is custard-based ice cream; a tad bit tricky to make, but so much worth it. Our winter favourite, for its rich and cosy mouthfeel.

4. CALL YOURSELF AN EXPERT. The closest you can get to eggless store-bought ice cream with just one extra ingredient: xanthan gum.