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Meet the team

This is us, the human beings behind every creation in “Ask The Ice Cream Queen”.

We know we may look somewhat perfect, but we are normal: sometimes we have fun, others we fight, the males often slap each other and scream, and most of all, we struggle with something, like all people do.

Oh, and we design ice cream recipes. This is what we truly, madly, deeply love to do.

On this website, we share everything we learn about ice cream as we go so you can make perfect ice cream at home, too.

We appreciate you trusting us with your ingredients and time.
We only share recipes that are tested to perfection.

παγωτό καρύδα συνταγή

The story

It all started with a compulsive online purchase (an ice cream machine) and then another online purchase (a book with ice cream recipes) to figure out what to do with the ice cream machine.

Standing forever-barefoot in front of her new kitchen appliance, Lisa Zografou takes the very first spoonful of her first-ever homemade ice cream. It is a plain vanilla ice cream, but both the flavour and the mouthfeel are out of this world. And that’s it; she is hooked and sets off on a lifetime fascination with ice cream making.

It is still February 2007; single and hard-working in the food industry in the management field, she spends her free time devouring technical books on ice cream, attending seminars, creating complicated spreadsheets with her own ice cream recipes, earning a pastry chef diploma, and planning to open her ice cream parlour.

Happiness did not arrive in the form of serving scoops of ice cream though, but as a charming classmate from the pastry school who promised her lots of lemon pies. Married to him (but still no lemon pies in sight) and blessed with two boys, Lisa leaves the food industry in 2018 and dedicates herself to a life full of stained walls, parental gratitude, and ice cream making.

This website is the result of her staying at home. Everything is made from scratch by her: the website, the copywriting, the ice cream recipes, the photos, the YouTube videos. 

As the young ones grow up, they so enthusiastically participate in her enthusiasm for ice cream making that they dynamically contribute to everything she makes.

This website and everything she does, she dedicates to them. If you learn to make perfect ice cream at home following our recipes, give thanks to the timeless energy that only children give their parents. Without this inexhaustible strength, all the content here wouldn’t have existed.