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Roasted Damson Plum Spread

Just Damson plums and sugar.

Made from only Damson plums and sugar, this Roasted Damson Plum Spread is of the most mouth-watering things you can make! There are countless ways to enjoy it – mix it in, top ice cream with it, or simply sneak a spoonful when no one is looking.

Making it is simple: halve and pit enough Damson plums to fit in your Dutch-oven comfortably. Layer the plums and sugar alternately, let it sit overnight to macerate (this helps to soften the plum skins), then roast it in the oven. The result is a silky, buttery, and incredibly delicious Damson Plum Spread that you will look forward to making every time this beautiful fruit is in season.

The ingredients
Shows the ingredients for the Damson plum Butter: a bowl with Damson plums and a bowl with regular sugar

• Damson plums: Damson plums have a sweet-sour taste that intensifies when roasted with sugar, making them perfect for creating this mouth-watering tart plum butter. Choose ripe Damson plums that aren’t too hard or soft when held in your hand. You can opt to use other plum varieties to make this roasted butter as well.

Sugar: use regular sugar (white granulated sugar).

Watch us making it
The recipe

Roasted Damson Plum Spread


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