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To show the Tiramisu Ice Cream described in the recipe.


Tiramisu Ice Cream

Everything you love about a Tiramisu is here.

If you love the idea of Tiramisu, but have always felt that it fails to satisfy your taste buds, then make this Tiramisu Ice Cream. It is all about mascarpone, coffee and cocoa and the right amount of alcohol to make it an adult-only dessert.

This recipe has a unique twist that sets it apart from standard ice cream recipes – it contains gelatine! This special ingredient helps the ice cream churn properly without being affected by the high amount of booze that is added to give it that classic Tiramisu flavour.

To enhance the flavour of this ice cream, the recipe calls for using both egg yolks for the ice cream and leftover egg whites for ladyfingers – this not only improves the taste but also reduces waste! It’s important to note that homemade ladyfinger are suggested for layering as store-bought ladyfingers usually don’t soak the syrup as well.

Finally, a touch of cocoa powder-bitter chocolate dust is added to balance out the creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream and give it an authentic Tiramisu taste.

Watch us making it
The recipe

Tiramisu Ice Cream


For the Tiramisu ice creeam:

For the coffee syrup:

For the cocoa sprinkle:

For the ladyfingers


When making ice cream, prefer to weigh all the ingredients, even the liquid ones. We also recommend – whenever possible – to weigh the liquid ingredients directly into the bowl/pan as you proceed with the recipe instead of transferring them from one bowl to another because this transfer causes a small -but unwanted- loss of quantity.

If you do not have a kitchen scale, follow these guidelines:

• 1 cup (US) = 237 ml | 1 tablespoon = 15 ml

• sugar: measuring sugar in tablespoons is more accurate than measuring it in cups. Use a 15 ml measuring tablespoon (not a regular one); this is 13 gr of sugar. To measure correctly, each time you scoop the sugar, level it with the flat side of a knife.

• milk and cream: thoroughly scrape with a rubber spatula any residues left on the sides and bottom of the cup every time you measure something and empty it.

Note that the quantities in each measuring system (grams, ounces, and cups) in our recipes may not always be accurate conversions, while any deviations you may notice do not affect the outcome.

A flexible rubber spatula is good for:
-wiping the bottom of the saucepan when you cook dairy on the stovetop.
-scraping residues from bowls, saucepans etc.

If you do not have one, we strongly encourage you to buy one, preferably a flexible one. 


For the ice cream mixture:

For the coffee syrup:

For the cocoa sprinkle:

For the ladyfingers:

To finish:

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